A Message to Maria

Dear Big Momma Maria
Last Tuesday I`ve passed by your place to have a coffee as we used to do every Tuesday, I`ve waited for you downstairs ( for 2 minutes not for 30  ) you were right when you said that I am a big liar, next time I promise to go to the mass with you, I will never miss it anymore, after having my double Nescafe cup and before finishing your talk with Fares to exchange me with Witney ( The Dog ), Me and Witney were planning to do a prank with both of you but Witney didn`t let me do it.
What I was trying to say to you all over these years and I guess you know that I didn`t ever like your salad in the early morning not even the Cedars cigarettes, but by the time I felt in love with the smell of the Cedars because it keeps reminding me in our talks and discussions.
After our ” صبحية ” I visited my lovely old room and checked my small table which I used to use it to study and you used to use it for food, this table talk a lot about the time we spent there, the group picture above the TV is our Saint Joseph Monalisa for me, believe it or not, I used to communicate with the peeps all over the world through it, moving to the reading corner, you still didn`t read my book about the power of subconscious mind, I am not surprised that you are still reading the French novel from 1970, you didn`t believe in business and you were against integrating the concept with our daily habits or for our personal benefits, I didn`t understand you till I got a job and get out of the resident walls, you were totally right.
Samer woke up late as usually and he was running, Jalal as well with his public holiday to go to the university from the early morning, Dalal & Primael are preparing them self for a day with children at school ( this was the daily nagging ) but they are always smiling, Mr Jhon 2020 automobile is waiting for him downstairs and Claire was disappeared as usual, they all asked me about you, even aboulzooz he passed by and want to have the coffee with you, as usual, he is here and got nothing to do.
Peeps were talking about a night with Samer oud and Primael Guitar, everyone was excited to have it, I promised them to do everything when I finish university that day, time was running quickly, you were working and smoking all the time, a few hours later the sun went down and we are ready for the night, Samer & Jalal brought the beverages with them, Primael & Dalal prepared the food for us, and I did the Argileh, we enjoyed it, BIG MOMMA, you were dancing and singing all the time BIG MOMMA, you smoked 2 packets of cigarettes.
After this lovely day, I am writing this letter to you Big Momma Maria to tell you that you were my everything in Lebanon, you are the one who encouraged me to go higher, you were and still my source of power, I can’t count the hours of our discussions and debating, you are my secret in Lebanon, I will miss every detail with you, every day when I pass by our place I will be waiting for your smile ….
I can’t imagine this without you …
Rest in Peace Big Mama 🙏🏻

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